Event Schedule

This week at Multiverse

Monday 6pm – Movie Night

Tuesday 6pm – Curse of Strahd – Team Boom

Wednesday 6pm – Curse of Strahd – Team Savage

Thursday 6pm – Savage Star Wars

Thursday 6pm – Age of Sigmar

Friday 6pm – Friday Night Magic – Format Legacy (Registration begins at 4pm)

Saturday – Open Gaming 10am til Midnight

Kaladesh Prerelease Tickets Now Available

Starting today you can visit the Multiverse Comics & Games Online Store and purchase your tickets to the Kaladesh Prerelease happening Saturday September 24th.

Tickets are $30.00 and the qty is limited so get your’s now by clicking here!

We will be starting registration at 1:00pm. Our game room and game library will be open for casual game play. We will hand out boxes at 5:30pm so players can start deck construction.

There will be prizes given out to the top players based on the number of players participating in the tournament.

While your purchasing your tickets, you can also pre-order Kaladesh booster boxes, bundles, gift boxes, and the deck builder’s toolkit. These will be available for pickup on or shortly after launch on September 30th.