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A reminder to all of our Friday Night Magic Regulars… This week June 5th will be Standard Format.

Next week, June 12th we will hold the Modern Masters Draft.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing a box of Modern Masters Boosters please let me know and pay your deposit as soon as possible so I can get the order in before the supplier runs out. Full price of a box is $240.00. A Deposit of $120.00 will reserve you a box.



May 2nd is Free Comic Book day at Multiverse Comics & Games!

All day Saturday we will have free comics to give away and our inventory of Comics and Trade Paperbacks will be on sale at 50% off!



In a world full of big dragons, the red-green Atarka wants you to have some of the overall beefiest board states. The new formidable mechanic means your creatures get better when you have at least 8 power on the battlefield. So whether you want to have a couple big creatures or a smaller army, Atarka is interested in your service. If you like smashing with big creatures and the thrill of trying to get 8 points of power onto the board, choose Atarka!


Dromoka likes to build up an army and then slay her enemies with it. As a member of the green-white Dromoka, you’ll be able to play plenty of creatures—and then beef them up with the returning bolster mechanic from Fate Reforged. Ally yourself with Dromoka, and send your legions to roll over your enemies!



Fast. Brutal. Efficient. Kolaghan’s black-red army hits hard and seeks to end the game quickly. Kolaghan harnesses the same ability we saw in Fate Reforged: dash! Thanks to dash, your creatures can come down even faster, and with haste, to deal damage even quicker. If you want to be aggressive and quickly slay your enemies, Kolaghan will be right up your dragon-laden alley.


Followers of the white-blue Ojutai like to play a tempo game and use spells to their advantage. Many Ojutai spells have the mechanic rebound, which means you’ll get the spell’s effect twice! Whether a powerhouse sorcery or a simple instant to help your creature win in combat, you’ll get double use out of your spells! If you like soaring through the air and using spells to cleverly beat past your opponent’s creatures, Ojutai is the dragon for you!


Silumgar is ruthless—and those who follow him are just as crafty. The blue-black Silumgar cards are tricky and versatile, partially thanks to the brand-new exploit ability! Exploit creatures let you sacrifice creatures—themselves included!—for an additional effect. Have a creature with a “when this dies…” trigger or something small you don’t need anymore? Sacrifice it for the greater glory of Silumgar! If you like versatility and aren’t afraid to sacrifice some of your own creatures, give Silumgar your devotion!