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Titansgrave1Our first group begins their journey through Titansgrave, the Ashes of Valkana, tonight at 6:30pm. We will be using the Fantasy AGE system along with the Titansgrave book from Green Ronin Publishing. We will be slightly deviating from what you saw in the show on Geek and Sundary in 2 ways. First, on the show they started their characters at level 2 and jumped right into the action at the Pegasus Roadhouse. Our groups will be starting at level 1 and will play out the adventures that end up with the group meeting the Beer Barron. The second deviation is that each player will create 2 characters. You will only play 1 character at a time but we want to allow some flexibility for side adventures that while related to the main storyline, might be better handled by a different character. Each group will be limited to 4 to 5 players. More groups will be formed and started as players and GM’s become available.


logo_name_onlyThis week at Multiverse…

Tuesday – 6pm – Card Hunter LAN Party – Join us as we bring out the laptops and head into adventure world of Card Hunter!

Wednesday – 6pm – Pathfinder Society – Our Pathfinder group continues their run through the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. If your new to Pathfinder Society we will also have the level 1 adventure the Confirmation available to play.

Thursday – 6pm – Age of Sigmar / 40k Minatures night.

Friday – 6pm – Friday Night Magic – Format Legacy

Saturday – All Day Boardgames




A reminder to all of our Friday Night Magic Regulars… This week June 5th will be Standard Format.

Next week, June 12th we will hold the Modern Masters Draft.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing a box of Modern Masters Boosters please let me know and pay your deposit as soon as possible so I can get the order in before the supplier runs out. Full price of a box is $240.00. A Deposit of $120.00 will reserve you a box.



May 2nd is Free Comic Book day at Multiverse Comics & Games!

All day Saturday we will have free comics to give away and our inventory of Comics and Trade Paperbacks will be on sale at 50% off!