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Lookie what just arrived today!

For those that participated in the Modern Masters draft and asked for one of these you can come in and claim it at anytime.



Next week brings to Multiverse the Pre-release event for last Core set – Origins

Since this would mean that we would be playing Standard format 2 weeks in a row, we are going to trade formats this month.

This means that this Friday, July 3rd, the format for Friday Night Magic will be Modern.

Next week, Friday, July 10th the format will be Standard

The following week we will return to our regular format schedule with Legacy on Friday 17th.



From the FireFly game Website

The second Rim Space Expansion set for Firefly: The Game, Kalidasa adds a massive star system to the ‘Verse with loads of new opportunities for adventure and profit. No sector of space is safe as the long arm of the Alliance reaches out beyond the central planets with the addition of the Operative’s Corvette. Every region of the ‘Verse becomes more dangerous with the addition of new Nav Cards for Alliance Space, Border Space and Rim Space. Two new Contacts, including the twin brothers Fanty & Mingo, provide new work opportunities for ambitious crews, especially those willing to get their hands dirty. The bustling port of Beaumonde offers exciting new gear and supplies for captains of all sorts. The bounty of the Rim also flows back to other Supply Planets with new crew, gear and ship upgrades appearing on other worlds.  Finally, new Set Up cards, new Story Cards and a host of surprises await the bold.

Firefly: The Game – Kalidasa will be in stores in September.  Captains, check your charts and top off your fuel tanks, Kalidasa is calling!

Looks like we are going to have a pretty big expansion to the verse added to the game for us to play in. I’m sure this will mean even longer games as everyone that has played the FireFly game at Multiverse tends to have a lot of run running around doing the contact jobs and doesn’t often pay too much attention to the story cards. Two new ship expansions are also in the works for this Summer with the Esmeralda and Jetwash.



A dedicated transport vessel, the Esmeralda affords passengers maximum comforts as they journey across ‘the Verse.  With fully appointed and expanded staterooms, the Esmeralda has plenty of room for both passengers and crew alike.  Passengers and crew alike will break bread together in the Esmeralda’s family-style Full Mess Deck.  If need to get to your destination in style or if you need to get to your destination in secret, the Esmeralda is the right ship for the job.



If you need cargo delivered quickly and quietly, the Jetwash is the ship for you.  Like all Series IV Firefly vessels the Jetwash boasts an expansive cargo bay, with room to spare for any load.  Taking inspiration from its namesake, the Jetwash also come pre-equipped with some dynamic upgrades.  Navigating treacherous space is a mite easier when deploying the ships Decoy Nav Sat Cluster.  And if the Jetwash does find itself in a tight spot, a boost from its ram jets can ensure that the ship reaches its destination.  At the helm of the Jetwash, you will be a leaf on the wind and other captains will watch you soar.


A reminder to all of our Friday Night Magic Regulars… This week June 5th will be Standard Format.

Next week, June 12th we will hold the Modern Masters Draft.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing a box of Modern Masters Boosters please let me know and pay your deposit as soon as possible so I can get the order in before the supplier runs out. Full price of a box is $240.00. A Deposit of $120.00 will reserve you a box.

Dark Moon


DARK MOON (formerly known as BSG Express) is a game of deception and betrayal at the cold edge of space.

You are a crew member on a deep space mining expedition to Titan, the dark moon of Saturn. During a routine excavation, an “incident” occurs whereby some of the crew become infected with an unknown virus, and become paranoid, deceitful, and violent, trying to destroy the others.

At the start of the game, players are divided into two teams: Uninfected and Infected. The Uninfected team simply needs to survive until the end of the game, while the Infected team secretly attempts to destroy them. Each player knows which team they are on, but does not know which team the other players are on! Who are your teammates and who your enemies? Can you trust your best friend? And why doesn’t anyone trust you?!

Overcome traumatic events, throw your friends in quarantine when you don’t believe them, and (if you’re Infected) betray everyone at the right moment for victory!

 3-7 players

Ages 12+

60-75 minute play time


1 Game board

10 Player shields

80 Cards, poker-size

29 Custom dice in 3 styles/colors

3 large wooden cubes

15 small wooden cubes

6 Shield tokens

6 Damage tokens

1 Sabotage token

6 Fatigue tokens

7 Pass/Play tokens

7 Quarantine tokens

14 ‘+/- Die’ tokens

1 Rule book

 Dark Moon 2

Arrives June 24h $59.95





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