I am looking for some playtesting volunteers for Saturday March 12th.

I will be running a D&D 5E combat encounter for 2-4 characters of 1-2 level. I’d like to run the encounter for multiple groups over the day. I will have pregen characters available. Each session should take 20-30 mins at most.

Closed Saturday Jan 30th

Happy Monday everyone. I just wanted to send out a quick note that Multiverse will be closed on Saturday Jan 30th in order to host a private party.

We will be open our normal hours Tuesday through Friday.

We will have LAN night on Tuesday at 6pm
On Wednesday we will host Titansgrave at 6pm
Thursday is open gaming
and Friday Night’s Magic format will be Tiny Leaders.

Friday Night Magic


Welcome to 2016!

Tonight we are gearing up for Friday Night Magic. The format will be Standard. We are also asking everyone to bring a standard pauper deck.

Before we get going I’ll give everyone the option to change the format to Standard Pauper. If we stick to Standard we will run some side events with Standard Pauper decks.

Registration begins at 5pm. Play should start about 6pm or so.

New Years Eve Party


The last day of 2015 is here. Come up and ring in the new year with our board game party at Multiverse. We will be open through midnight. Our game library will be open to play and the game room is available for RPG’s and board games.

We will also be working on setting up our Miniatures painting work station. We have the spot picked out and some ideas on how to set it up but we could use helping cutting out the foam pieces and gluing it all together.



Bit of a scheduling change folks. Due to us being at a good stopping point for Dragon Age we are going to switch over to Titansgrave tonight.

Our budding heroes have dealt with the Goblin biker gang terrorizing the village of Hon, and taken down a killer Janitor bot in the Electric Library in Malrath. Now we get into the Titansgrave story proper as the group heads off to the Pegasus Roadhouse looking for answers regarding the mysterious orb found in the bot.

Our gaming session starts at 6pm.