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The Next War

March 19th, 2009

Through out the history of our nation, since it?s founding in the fire of revolution in 1776, we have spent more time at war through either actual fighting or in proxy wars, than we have at peace.

We have fought wars against almost every major European power, including ones who are now our allies, such as Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, as well as nations that are still not so friendly such as Russia.

America?s conflicts 1798 to 2004

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Ligestilling i Danmark

Denmark is the land of my ancestors and thanks to my Mother, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother have a deep love for the country so it makes me very happy to hear that their legislature is finalizing a bill that will bring marriage equality to same-sex couples there this summer.

In 1989 Denmark became the first nation in the world to allow same-sex unions of any sort, and this bill will make them the 11th nation to provide full equality to the LGBT community.

Maryland House Punts


The Maryland House of Delegates returned the Marriage Equality bill back to committee today, presumably because they didn’t have the 71 votes that were needed to pass it.

The which narrowly passed the state senate and is supported by Governor Martin O’Malley is most likely dead for this year. Polls have shown that a slight majority of Maryland residents support full marriage equality for same sex couples.

Indiana House votes for Discrimination

imageOn Tuesday the Indiana House of Representatives voted 70-26 in favor of adding discrimination against same sex couples to their state constitution. The National Organization for Marriage and other hate groups rejoice.

The Courier Press reports that the bill now moves on to the state Senate where similar bills have passed before. Indiana’s amendment process is similar to Iowa’s in that the bill will have to pass both chambers again in 2013 or 2014 before it can be put on the November 2014 ballot.

Hopefully by then the US Supreme court will have upheld the tenants of the 14th amendment.

The Bible and Star Trek

image New Picture

This was tweeted by Yuset Najafi who was live tweeting the public debate on the Marriage Equality bill that has been proposed in Maryland.

I have to wonder if this man has ever actually watched Star Trek. One of the greatest icons of Star Trek, Mr. Spock is the product of inter-species mating, in the case of our pointy eared heart throb, Human and Vulcan.


Spock is also far from alone in Star Trek Characters that are from two species.

B’Elanna Torres of Voyager was Klingon/Human, Deanna Troi of the Next Generation was Human/Betazoid. Namoi Wildman who was born on Voyager was Human/Ktarian Memory Alpha goes on to list dozens of other characters that are mixes of Star Trek races as diverse as Romulans, Kazon, Trill, and Cardasians.

Even outside of the fictional universe that is one of the world’s three great Sci-fi franchises, there are examples of cross-species matting, such as interspecific crosses between lions and tigers or intergeneric hybrids like those between Sheep and Goats. Beyond this guys general lack of knowledge of Star Trek or biology, it still doesn’t answer the question, “What does any of this have to do with whether the state of Maryland should recognize the civil right of gay and lesbian couples to marry?”

Update: Good As You has posted audio of the Maryland debate.

SCOTUS Denies Jackson

imageThe US Supreme Court issued a no comment denial to hear the case brought by Harry Jackson in DC in his continuing failed attempt of reinstating marriage discrimination against same sex couples.

This denial, while great for DC, has little to no meaning in the overall position of the court on marriage equality for same sex couples. Thousands of cases are submitted to the Supreme Court every year, and in the end only a couple of hundred ever actually make it through the door. It is highly suspected that if the Prop 8 case gets to the Supreme Court, they will in deed take it on.

For DC however, the denial means that the lower courts ruling stands and that there will be no vote to attempt to remove marriage equality there.