The GOP Fu-dget Plan

March 26th, 2009

For some time now myself and others have been railing on the idea that the GOP has been simply fighting against the President?s plan for moving the country forward and fixing our economy without providing some sort of alternative to the President?s budget.

Today the GOP put out a Budget Alternative, or at least a blue-print for one. Maybe it?s a rough draft?

After the break is video from Fox News as posted on the Daily KOS.
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Australia Tries Again.


On Wednesday Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young of Australia?s Green Party, reintroduced a bill that would legalize marriage equality. Previous attempts to pass equality legislation in Australia have failed and the Green Party only holds 5 senate seats.

Meanwhile the Australian state of Tasmania has approved a bill, in a 22-3 vote, that will begin recognizing same sex marriages performed outside of Australia.