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May 23rd, 2011

In response to Jennifer Roback Morse’s remarks to the Minnesota house I have asked them the following questions. I post a screen shot of them here since NOM and the Ruth Institute are generally not interested in open civil debate. I don’t expect them to provide any answers to them.

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Gay and Lesbian people exist. We always have and always will. Regardless of what NOM, the Ruth Institute, or any of the other discriminatory organizations that continue to turn our own government against us hope to achieve. Sometimes I truly wonder what their goal really is. Is it to try and somehow cure us and eliminate us? I don’t think that there really is a clear answer to that question and frankly if that is the goal, it’s a fool’s goal because it can never be achieved. More Gay and Lesbian Americans are born everyday. Trying to rid America of us makes about as much sense as trying to get rid of everyone with red hair.

So if we aren’t going away what sort of protections do we deserve if not marriage? The reality of the mater is that we do fall in love. We do have children. We do build lives and families together. We buy homes together. We go on vacations together. We worry about paying the bills together just like any other family. Is it right that when one of us dies we have no say over burial or that we have to pay gift taxes on the things we bought together as a couple? If one of us becomes sick do we not have a right to visit our partner? Should we not have any rights to the children we may have spent years raising together simply because the state won’t allow us to adopt our partner’s biological child?

These are questions that can’t be answered by a simple contract other than that of civil marriage. Contracts other than marriage can be and often are challenged in court by family members that may not approve of the same sex relationship.

Without marriage are we just supposed to live a life without love, in solitude, and unhappiness? If you deny us marriage, then what will you allow?

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The TARP Money Maker

Yesterday the Treasury announced that it would let 10 of the largest TARP recipient banks to start paying back as much as $68 Billion of the $200 Billion that was given out. While this is definitely a good sign we are not yet in the clear.

ROBIN SIDEL and DEBORAH SOLOMON of the Wall Street Journal write?

While the collapse of the U.S. banking system is no longer seen as an imminent danger, access to the capital markets remains difficult and bank balance sheets are clogged with troubled loans and other assets. Most of the nation’s 8,000 banks are being hammered by the recession, and the number of bank failures is expected to climb. The 10 banks seeking to return government money will be able to continue leaning on the U.S. government in other ways, including by issuing debt guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.


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Hand Shake-gate

AP Photo

AP Photo

Apparently if the President of the United States decides to shake the hand of any leader of a foreign country that doesn’t like the United States, when they meet at an international conference, he is committing some sort of mortal sin and treason against the country he was sworn to defend; at least that is what Newt Gingrich would have you believe.

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No Mr. Gingrich, shaking hands with the leader of a hostile nation couldn’t in any way be seen as simple civility.

Budget and Stimulus

So last night the House passed Obama’s stimulus package, No Republican’s voted for it. That seems like a hefty gamble for the GOP.

Yesterday the Govenor issued the budget for FY 2010. I havn’t had a chance to check it out yet.

Union Greed

I’ll be the first to admit that I believe that teachers in general are sorely under paid and need increases, and the Governor is doing his best to keep from cutting the state Education budget by the nearly accross the board 6.5% that the state budget is taking, but it just seems a tad unseemly to me that the Des Moines teachers union is asking for a 6.5% compensation increase (4% of which is a sallary increase) while thosuands of fellow Iowans are loosing their jobs due to the global economic crisis. Didn’t President Barack Obama just ask us all to serve our country and be prepared to make sacrafices in order to get us out of the economic black hole we are currently in or did I hear that wrong in the speach?

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Morning Commentary


It’s just after 2am in the morning and I’m wide awake. That generally isn’t a good way to start the day. Since the plant has been working only 4 days a week, I worked out a deal where I could work 10 hour days so that I could keep my 40 hours. It took a little convincing but after being there for nearly 12 years now, which is rare in a company where the average career term is less than a year, they seemed to agree that I deserved a bit of a break. The downside to this is that I get home shortly after 7pm, and I’m generally in bed by 8 and asleep by 8:30. It has thrown my body clock completely out of whack. /sigh

Media Blitz

Browsing through the morning news, I see that our governor, Chet Culver, has been hitting all the economic and industry meetings he can in Des Moines, pushing his plan to cut as much as 6.5% from every single program in the state budget. Iowa is currently facing a 700 million dollar budget short fall this year, and thus the drastic cuts. The general public doesn’t have much of an idea what the state can expect to get money for and how much from the Obama stimulis plan, but the governor seems to believe that we will get several million dollars for roads. Would be nice if the city of Grinnell would finally repave the rest of Broad Street and stop with the stupid brick designs.