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February 20th, 2009

Contrary to what some may believe, being gay doesn?t sever a person from morality. I am not out to convert anyone, recruit anyone, and I am not preying on children, but I am supposedly?

?the greatest threat to America?

Everyone that tries to tell me that being a homosexual is wrong is relying on one thing, their religious beliefs. It seems to be nearly impossible to divorce any discussion about the rightness or wrongness of homosexuality from religion, because when you do, the people against it have nothing to base their argument on, and any good debater will tell you that you don?t win a debate by bringing God into it because it?s a cop out. God is all mighty, he can do anything, so any argument against that is moot. It comes down to biblical passages written by men who were ?under the influence of God? and ?can?t be wrong?. Can someone name me one living human being that isn?t ever wrong about something? How about naming one human being that isn?t living that was never been wrong about something, and yes I know that the first answer to that question is going to be Jesus Christ, but then in John 10:30 Jesus says?

I and my Father are one.

Does that mean that Jesus wasn?t human after all?

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World of Warcraft

Saying Goodbye to WoW


For the last six years I have spent much of my free time immersed in the Massive Multiplayer Online game World of Warcraft. It has consumed more of my time than I really care to admit to. For All but maybe 2 or 3 months of that time I was also guild leader of Foederati, one of the greatest groups of people I have ever gotten to know.

Over they last few months however I have found myself spending less and less time playing WoW. The game has just seemed to become monotonous and just doesn’t hold my attention like it used to do. Six years is after all a very long time to be attached to a video game. So I have finally decided that it’s time to move on and as of tonight I am stepping down as guild leader and officially retiring from the game.

Leaving the game itself isn’t all that difficult, but leaving behind the friends that I have made, some of which I’ve actually met in person, is difficult. These are people who have completely accepted me for who I am. They make me happy and are as much a part of me as my own family.

There will be a void of sorts where WoW used to be. I’m not really tied to any other game right now, although I’ve been playing a little bit more of Star Trek Online than I have in the past but my time there no where compares to the hours a week I used to put into WoW. Spring is just around the corner and I plan to plant a garden again this year, hopefully I’ll be a bit smarter about it. I’ve also been exercising more and hopefully when the weather gets a warmer I’ll spend a bit more time outside this year than those in the past. So there are things to keep me busy. And of course, I might actually get a bit more writing done now.

And of course this isn’t really goodbye to the friends I’ve made over the years. There are plans for a get together this summer in Minnesota that I’m planning to attend. All in all I’d say my experiences with WoW have been positive over the years. The friend sI’ve made and some of things I’ve learned about myself will be with me for a long time to come.

Sunday Victories and Monday Gloom

Late Sunday night Foederati; the World of Warcraft guild that I’m a part of, took down two more bosses in Blackrock Depths (Omnotron Defense System and Maloriak). The night went surprisingly well and everyone seemed to be in pretty good spirits. It looks like our 25 man raiding machine is off to a pretty good start for Cataclysm. If your wondering what I’m talking about, head over to the Foederati website for a look.

This morning however, I woke up to snow and freezing rain. Not sure how many times I have nearly fallen on my butt today going too and from work.

Gommer’s Pile – Introductions


You see that short green fellow standing there on the deck of what’s left of a boat? No; not the one in the purple shirt, the other one; yeah, that one. That’s me, and I’m getting a dressing down by Trade Prince Gallywix because the idea of tossing exploding bananas at monkeys just seemed lame to me and I made the mistake of actually flappin my lips while everyone else just ran off like nuts looking for a squirrel.

As I was standing there listening to Gallywix yell, “If you’re not here to make me money kid, then you’re not here” I quickly began to realize that this little unplanned pleasure cruise to the Lost Isles meant that the life I’d known in Kezan was over and done with like last week’s newspaper.

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It may be a little late but tonight I finally was able to participate in a kill of the Lich King in 25 man Icecrown Citadel. For those that don’t know much about World of Warcraft, he is the last boss of the last raid dungeon in the Wrath of the Lich king expansion. In less than 7 days the new expansion, Cataclysm goes live.


Cataclysm Cinematic Intro