Talking Point – Guilt by Association

October 9th, 2008

Lately the McCain campaign has been attempting to hammer home the idea that American’s should question Barack Obama’s character and judgment based on a tenuous at best association with William Ayers a former member of the Weather Underground, an organization that performed a series of bombings in the late 60′s in violent protest to the Vietnam war. McCain and Palin want American’s wondering whether or not Obama has the same radical views as those of the unrepentant but reformed domestic terrorist.

So, this begs the question. In a nation where the Justice system is supposed to be based on the principle that your innocent until proven guilty, is it fair, in a presidential election, to try and pin the radical beliefs of one man on a candidate simply because they happen to live in the same neighborhood and both worked on some of the same education boards?

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The Ed Show

As I mentioned last week, radio personality Ed Shultz has joined the lineup of MSNBC political prime time commentary shows.

I watched the first show tonight after i got home from work. I have to say that Ed still has a lot of polishing to do. He seemed a tad nervious and unsure with the cameras. I’m sure that he will quickly wrap that up and have a fairly decent show.

The only other issue I have with Ed is that he appears to be a lot more partisan than I am used to seeing on MSNBC. Sure Olbermann and Maddow are fairly liberal hosts with their shows on MSNBC but they do a fairly decent job of keeping it reigned in. Ed lets it all hang out, which may be exactly the type of show he is wanting to put out. I’m not sure I will be an avid follower of the show becuase of it. That and he hits the air waves at 5:00pm here in Iowa, which means that he is on generally during the time right after I get home from work and rarely have the TV on.

Collin Powell

Rachel Maddow showed several segments of an interview with Collin Powell last night. I thought it was very interesting.

Here she asks him what he thinks of the GOP Budget alternative that was put out yesterday. A transcript of the interview and other clips can be found here. I am currently reading through the GOP budget proposal and hope to have my take on it out this weekend.

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In this next clip he talks about Gitmo and the Bush Administration’s use of torture.

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